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Your Radio App (Single Station) is single station version of Your Radio App that used for listen your online radio streaming from Android smartphone, designed using Material Design make this app look beautiful and user friendly. Run under Android platform which is the most popular operating system in the world. Using this application you can save your money and time in creating application for your own radio application.

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Change Log :

Your Radio App (Single Station) v5.2.3 (08/11/2022)
- Fix redirect url not working
- Fix crash issue when displaying the exit dialog

Your Radio App (Single Station) v5.2.2 (25/10/2022)
- Android Studio Dolphin | 2021.3.1 Patch 1
- Support dynamic background according to displayed image album art
- Fix false displaying album art in the notification bar
- Blur radio background and dynamic album art background are configured 
  from remote JSON (Required update JSON Structure)
- Update RadioPlayerService for bugs minimize

Your Radio App (Single Station) v5.2.1 (23/09/2022)
- Android Studio Dolphin | 2021.3.1
- Update Gradle 7.3
- Update targetSdkVersion 33
- Fix radio stopped when phone status is idle
- Fix error cannot load offline json

Your Radio App (Single Station) v5.2.0 (05/09/2022)
- Android Studio Chipmunk | 2021.2.1
- Add 3 New Ad Networks (Google Ad Manager, IronSource, FAN Waterfall)
- Remove Mopub Ads (has been acquired by AppLovin)
- Remove Unity Ads (caused Google Play Error Message)
- Autoplay, Metadata & Image Album Art configuration moved to remote json
- Redirect app (e.g : used if your app inactive, removed, suspended, etc)
- Fix bugs & performance improvements

Your Radio App (Single Station) v5.1.0 (15/03/2022)
- Android Studio Bumblebee | 2021.1.1 Patch 2
- Update Gradle 7.2
- Update targetSdkVersion 32
- Update ExoPlayer 2.17.0
- Add Backup Ads
- Add New Ad Network (AppLovin Discovery)
- Add AppLovin MAX Native Ad (Manual)
- Fix Zip Path Transversal error caused library on Play Store publication
- Fix minor bugs

Your Radio App (Single Station) v5.0.1 (04/11/2021)
- Android Studio Arctic Fox 2020.3.1 | Patch 3
- Fix crash issue when playing m3u8 format
- Fix blank space in the status bar on some devices
- Fix player notifications not showing on streams that have no metadata on Android 11 or higher

Your Radio App (Single Station) v5.0.0
- Android Studio Arctic Fox | 2020.3.1
- Update Gradle 7.0
- Migrate jCenter to mavenCentral
- Min SDK version 21 (Lollipop)
- Remove Admin Panel (Replaced with JSON file remote config)
- 5 Option Ad Network Providers : AdMob, StartApp, Unity, AppLovin, FAN (Bidding Only)
- Include Push Notification Module (Hosted PHP Scripts)
- Support FCM / OneSignal push notification
- Support animated GIF format for radio image background
- Socials menu is managed from json file
- Add App Open Ad (AdMob)
- Add Interstitial Ad on click play with interval

Your Radio App (Single Station) v4.1.0
- Build in latest Android Studio 4.1
- Update Gradle 6.5
- Update targetSdkVersion 30
- Reload metadata immediately without slight delay on resume app
- Change AdMob Smart Banner to Adaptive Banner
- Add AdMob Native Ad on close dialog
- Fix crash app when autoplay is enabled in some case

Your Radio App (Single Station) v4.0.0
- Build in latest Android Studio 3.4.2
- Update to latest Gradle Tools and Library
- Update targetSdkVersion to 29
- Migrate to AndroidX
- Update Radio Metadata Upon Resuming
- Update Volume Bar to Vertical
- Add Sleeping Timer
- Add Mini Equalizer View
- Audio Visualizer Feature Removed
- Fix Bugs and Performance Improvement

Your Radio App (Single Station) v3.2.1
- Build in latest Android Studio 3.4
- Update to Gradle 5.1.1
- Update Library Dependencies
- Multidex Enabled
- Fix Error when build the project

Your Radio App (Single Station) v3.2.0
- Build in latest Android Studio 3.3.1
- Update to latest Gradle Tools and Library
- Update targetSdkVersion to 28
- Comply with GDPR Policy for EEA (European Economic Area) country
- Integrated with OneSignal Push Notification
- Admin Panel UI Improvement

Your Radio App (Single Station) v3.1.0
- Build in latest Android Studio 3.1.3
- Update to latest Gradle Tools and Library
- Fix Radio still playing when exit the app
- Fix bugs and performance improvement

Your Radio App (Single Station) v3.0.0
- Build in latest Android Studio 3.0.1
- Update to latest Gradle Tools and Library
- Fix notification bar on stop / pause / play
- Implement Exoplayer for radio streaming library
- UI Improvement
- Album Art Image
- Add volume bar function
- Optimized to latest Android Oreo
- Admin Panel Integration (Optional)
- Fix bugs and performance improvement

Your Radio App (Single Station) v1.0.0
- Initial Release

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