PHP CRUD Generator

Create a Professional Bootstrap Admin Dashboard
with all CRUD PHP Operations from your Database

Smart Database Analysis

Easy Visual Application

Advanced Functionalities

NEW VERSION 2 – Suitable for MySQL, MariaDB,
Oracle, PostgreSQL and Firebird databases

20+ Bootstrap themes included


Full Comprehensive documentation

Online tutorials & videos

Includes PHP Form Builder

What is PHP CRUD Generator?

Created with the most trusted web technologies, PHP CRUD Generator is a powerful and intuitive solution to create Bootstrap admin dashboards.

The one-page visual interface gives full access to the database.

PHPCG performs an in-depth analysis of your data and stores it: all types of relationships between tables, primary and foreign keys, field types and values, validation, etc.

This intelligent analysis is used to preconfigure the options adapted to each element of the administration panel.

Validate each of the 3 generator forms to create your Admin Panel content.

Bootstrap Admin Panel Builder

PHP CRUD Generator - Choose an action

  • Choose the table to be used for integration in your Admin Panel
  • Generate the relevant data table (READ)
  • Generate create/edit forms (CREATE/UPDATE)
  • Generate delete form (DELETE)

Customizable Bootstrap themes & CSS

  • 20+ Bootstrap themes included
  • Change the Bootstrap theme & customize in a few clicks

PHPCG automatically provides the best tools needed to build your Admin Panel: drop-down lists with integrated search, date and time pickers, collapsible menus, collapsible nested tables, in-place editing, file upload, image upload with editing features and thumbnail generation, help texts and tooltips.

PHP CRUD Generator - Admin Panel preview

PHP CRUD Generator at a glance

Generator User Interface

  • One-page interface
  • Built with advanced and comprehensive forms

Smart Database Analysis

  • Primary keys detection and interpretation
  • Secondary keys detection and interpretation
  • Detection of all types of relationships
  • Smart integration of internal/external relationships in CRUD
  • Smart field type detection and integration
  • Detection and integration of validation types

Website Admin User Interface

  • Clean & responsive layout
  • User friendly navigation with categories & icons
  • User friendly naming for all content
  • Customizable with TWIG Templates

Read Lists

  • Advanced filtering system
  • Number of records per page selection
  • Column sorting
  • Collapsible secondary content
  • Collapsible nested tables for external data (relationships)
  • XLSX/CSV Export
  • Edit-in-place
  • View images and thumbnails
  • Smart data viewing (Boolean values, Date & Time format, Images & thumbnails, …)
  • Single-record lists

Create / Update forms

  • Built with PHP Form Builder
  • Automatic use of the best available jQuery plugins: upload, Rich Text Editor, pickers, …)
  • Relationship management between tables with choice of fields to display
  • Drop-down lists with values management (automatic/customized)
  • Responsive custom layout
  • Smart automatic/custom validation
  • Helpers & Tooltips

Deletion forms

  • Cascade deletion accouring to the table relations
  • Choose the fields to display to confirm deletion (i.e: name + first name)
  • Warning display for cascade deletion with record count of each field to delete

Backup & file comparison

  • Automatic backup of the replaced CRUD generator & admin files
  • Side by side file comparison & merging of older/newer versions

User Authentification Module

  • 100% Secured Login System
  • Advanced reliable password Encryption
  • Rights & profiles management

Users Rights management

  • Add/Edit/Delete users
  • Unlimited custom Users Profiles
  • Rights management by table and by profile (CAN READ / CAN CREATE-UPDATE / CAN DELETE)

Coding & Customization

  • Comprehensive & well-organized structure
  • MVC Logic without PHP Framework (Pure PHP coding)
  • Built with PHP Form Builder, Bootstrap & jQuery
  • TWIG Templates
  • Alto Router

Customer feedback :

Fantastic work, easy installation. At 40 dollars.. I mean I thought about spending half a year to develop this solution my self. Congratulations, one of the most underrated products on codecanyon

The best support I have ever received for a software purchase, on CodeCanyon or elsewhere.
Both the CRUD and support are excellent. Highly recommended!

This product is great for people trying to track anything like business etc… No programming language needed. Totally understandable for anyone. And the best part of it that it has great customer support! Author is always online for the most part of the day and answers any question within 2-3 minutes. If something specific bothering you he even connects through teamviewer and happily helps you. You will not regret buying this product!

Great system! The system is very powerful, the design is very beautiful and the stand is excellent. The system still has a lot to grow and is sure to improve even more.

It’s a very nice work, you can create crud and have authentification module without write code !

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