Oreo Fashion – Full React Native App for Woocommerce

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About Oreo App

For the individuals who claim physical shops and designers, with OREO you have assortment prepared to-utilize E-commerce formats to make your portable store application. On the off chance that you had your online shops, OREO bolsters you to change over your present sites to portable store application effectively. Your store portable application will be found in both the App Store and Google Play Store. With OREO, your versatile application gives higher client experience contrasting with site on-portable. Your items will show up clear and can be zoom with no designing mistake. While you can control your store and requests of customers, your customers likewise can interface and remain mindful everything being equal and declarations of your stores in the event that they have your application on their mobiles.

It is possible that you are specialists with raising deal desire or engineers with quicker portable application creation need, OREO gives you a way out.

– Version: 2.8.1 – 27/Jan/2022
– This is Exclusive Product License from Envato
– Full React native source code
– React Navigation v6
– React Native version 0.67.1

Intro App

Install service

Plugin Mobile Builder

Multi Vendor

Multi Languages

Test API Data

Payment Method

Login Social

Login OTP

Push Notification

Push OneSignal


Product Detail

Variants Product


Filter Product

Manager Account

Checkou and Cart

Dark Mode


Save Time





        You search product name and see the type of product in App
  • 5 Demo Homepage Layouts
  • PageBuilder Drag and Drop for App
  • Woocommerce, WordPress, WPML support
  • React Native, Reactjs
  • Android
  • iOS
  • JS
  • Powerful configuration
  • Unlimited colors custom
  • Unlimited Layouts
  • Off Canvans Menu
  • Multi currency
  • Multi language
  • Checkout & Payment
  • Login and Social login
  • Product grid & Carousel, Product list
  • Banner Promotions
  • Smooth Slideshows
  • Categories
  • Customer Reviews
  • Support RTL
  • Products Detail
    • Product Variants
    • Smooth image animation
    • Add to Whishlist
    • Zoom Image
    • Sharing
    • Related Products
    • Information Products
  • Products type
    • Product Variants
    • Simple Product
    • Download Product
    • Affiliate Product
    • Out of stock
    • Grouped Product
    • Sale Off Product
    • Variant Color & Image & Button
  • Blog Lastest
  • Detail Blog
  • Coupon Code
  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Method
  • Payment Method
  • Order History
  • Refund
  • Dark Theme
  • Splash Screen
  • Make Multiple templates
  • Other Pages
    • Privacy
    • About us
    • Contact




Most of the shared hosting has disabled the HTTP Authorization Header by default.
To enable this option you’ll need to edit your .htaccess file adding the follow

    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteCond %{HTTP:Authorization} ^(.*)
    RewriteRule ^(.*) - [E=HTTP_AUTHORIZATION:%1]


To enable this option you’ll need to edit your .htaccess file adding the follow

    SetEnvIf Authorization "(.*)" HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$1


Update 27/01/2022
- Fixed: Wrong param when adding to cart
- Chose: Lint source code
- Fixed: Go to blog and blog detail
Update 24/01/2022
- Upgrade: React Native 0.67.1
- Fixed: Add to cart
- Fixed: Show wrong icon on Android
- Improved: Config React Navigation
- Improved: use @react-navigation/native-stack instead @react-navigation/stack
- Improved: Update one signal config
- Chose: Ignore warning from react-native-gesture-handler library
- Feat: Migrate creatFactory to createElement
- Chore: input number class component => Function component
- Improved: Remove recompose library since it not update from 2019
- Add: Build in compose branch, lifecycle, setState, withState, compose, getDisplayName, setDisplayName ...
Update 18/01/2022
- Upgrade: React Native 0.67.0-rc.6
Update 20/12/2021
- Upgrade: React Native 0.66.4
Update 01/07/2021
- Upgrade: React Native 0.64.2
- Fix: Flipper doesn't build with Xcode 12.5
Update 27/03/2021
- Fixed: Add coupon correct the app crashes
Update 05/02/2021
- Fixed: Crash on Refine button
Update 30/12/2020
- chore: shimmer loading blogs
- chore: shimmer loading product in store detail
- chore: shimmer loading in vendor list
- chore: shimmer loading in products
- chore: revert layout products in home
- Chore: remove ItemSecondary in home to container/ProductItem
- Fixed: Show product variations
- Improved: Update tag id for send notification
Update 25/11/2020
- Fixed: Can't update profile
Update 20/11/2020
- Fixed: get vendor in detail product
Update 06/11/2020
- Improved: fetch category
- Improved: cached data
- Fixed: add variation product
- Fixed: crash go all blog
- Improved: Change language
Update 26/10/2020
- Fixed: add product group
- Fixed: variation key 0
- Fixed: add variation product
Update 06/10/2020
- Improved: App speed on Android
- Upgrade: Latest dependencies
- Fixed: Crash app when click to logo on home screen
Update 30/09/2020
- Upgrade: React native 0.63.3
- Improved: Update quantity
Update 24/09/2020
- Fixed: Crash app in refine screen
Update 15/09/2020
- Fixed: Search query in filter screen
Update 10/09/2020
- Fixed: layout product list in home
- Fixed: blog grid in home
Update 19/08/2020
- Improved: CART REST API work with Mobile builder v1.1.4
- Chore: remove show error in home get product and vendor
- Chore: Add to cart and checkout with guest user
Update 17/08/2020
- chore: go policy by in payment
- Fix: data vendor null
- Chore: set loading webview checkout
- Updated: translate file en.json
Update 11/08/2020
- Updated: Splash screen for Android
Update 11/08/2020
- Fixed: outstock in list product in store
- Fixed: add to cart with product variation
Update 06/08/2020
- Fixed: Check phone in register and login SMS
- Fixed: Config Firebase for Android
Update 03/08/2020
- Changed: Update React native v0.62.0
- Changed: Update React navigation v5.x.x
- Changed: Cart REST API for custom flow checkout
- Changed: Use Mobile-builder plugin instead rnlab-app-control
- Added: Support WCFM vendor plugin
- Improvement: Splash screen on Android
- Improvement: Cached config builder and categories
- Improvement: Colors style template
- Improvement: Checkout webview token expired
- Fixed: variations in product detail
- Fixed: Query search
- Fixed: Click item sort by in refine screen
Update 01/05/2020
- Improvement: Using Fetch React Native instead Axios
- Fixed: Login Apple
- Improvement: when type suggest message on Android
- Add: Static “About Us” … “Contact Us”, “Terms & Conditions” pages link to Page ID
- Improvement: Save user phone number like Digits plugin
- Add: Download tab for books, images store
- Improvement: large item on Listview
Update 10/04/2020
- Fixed: Get product min price and max price
- Add: DisableReviewRating in configs
- Fixed: Unescape html for name category
- Fixed: Cancel order on Webview
- Add: Option enable webview in product description
- Add: Support Digits plugin
Update 31/03/2020
- Added: Logout Apple in background
- Fixed: Auto fill OTP on Android
- Fixed: Text strings must be rendered within a <Text> component
- Fixed: Loading shipping method
Update 26/03/2020
- Fixed: Exclude parent category in style 4
- Fixed: Register Firebase SMS OTP
- Fixed: Not show Apple login when disable SMS, Google and Facebook method
- Update: To latest all dependencies
Update 24/03/2020
- Added: .gitingore file
- Added: Config allows customers to place orders without an account
- Added: Option config default phone number register page
- Added: Option cache data for medium to large website
- Improvement: Update user address
- Improvement: Option change add/edit fonts
- Fixed: Show image when user select the variation
- Fixed: Show price currency on the filter
- Fixed: Show all product when user click to action link
Update 17/03/2020
- Add: multi language for Copyright and Address
- Fix: Min and max price in filter when select currency
Update 16/03/2020
- Fix: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘templates.find’) on some Android device
- Add: Edit Account 
Update 11/03/2020
- Improvement: Show name instead id in order detail screen
- Fix: get category in products = null
- Add: option to change default RTL
- Fix: show filter category when go by id category exist
- Add: Rate app
- Add: Term page config
- Improvement: check WooCommerce Variation Swatches
Update 05/03/2020
- fix: category not exist in products
- fix: value rating in item vendor in home
Update 28/02/2020
- Security: Only need Customer Secret and Key Readable is enough 
- Improvement: Get categories
- Improvement: reduce time fetch configs from server
- Change: https://doc-wc.rnlab.io/ to https://docs.rnlab.io
- Change: https://support.rnlab.io/ to https://forums.rnlab.io
- Change: https://wc.rnlab.io/ to https://wc.rnlab.io
- Change: API write review
- Change: API update the billing address
- Improvement: Animation header in product detail
- Fix: Show customer notes
- Add: exclude category on sidebar and shop screen option
- Fix: Webview checkout not logout pre user
- Fix: timezone review, blogs, and order
- Add: Display SKU
- Fix: display product on the home screen by languages
Update 19/02/2020
- Support Polylang plugin
Update 17/02/2020
- Fix: get empty products
Update 17/02/2020
- Improvement: splash screen size
- Add: Video background for getting stared screen
- Fix: get product non-public on the home screen
Update 11/02/2020
- Fix: Crash app on Android 7.0
- Fix: Shipping method with same class
- Fix: Get default language
- Fix: Crash app when disable avatar.
- Improvement: Product variation selection
- Update: Config modal
- Add: Divider component
- Add: Search component
- Add: Action open Web view
- Add: Action opens on Browser
Update 18/01/2020
- Support: Dokan vendor
- Improvement: product detail scroll
- Improvement: Firebase SMS auth
- Add: Popup
- Change: total review on product list
- Improvement: Loading state
Update 13/01/2020
- Fix: Logout issue
- Fix: The SMS code has expired
Update 10/01/2020
- Add : Apple authentication 
- Fix: Add product variation with setting any
- Fix: Update Stripe Payment
- Fix: Clear cart on the Payment page
- Add: Config options for Google Login
- Fix: Show sort description
- Fix: Show rating on list Item
- Fix: SMS login Issue
Update 12/30/2019
- Add: Config copyright
- Upgrade: React Native 0.61.5 and latest other dependencies
- Improvement: Checkout Webview
- Fix: cash app in the product description
- Fix: fetch missing product variations
Update 12/27/2019
- Fix: duplicate product variation in cart
- Improvement: OTP
- Improvement: Webview style and login user security
- Improvement: Image size on blog item
- Improvement: Persist token and currency
- Add: on/off login via SMS
Update 12/23/2019
- Add: Phone Sign in/verity with Firebase Auth
- Improvement: check network connection when open App
- Improvement: splash screen
- Add: Webview checkout
- Update: display sort description in product detail
- Fix: Sort category same category config in dashboard
- Fix: status order
- Add: Demo config preview for customer
- Fix: moment countdown
- Fix: Blog item clickable on Homepage
- Improvement: default language
- Add: on/off social login
- Add: on/off Webview checkout
- Add: cart button and rating in product item
- Fix: login Google security
- Fix get category list in style 1
- Improvement animation in product detail
- Improvement layout category style
- Fix sort category
- Improvement empty value
- Improvement UX for me screen
- Fix syntax Podfile
- Fix variation product add in cart

- Improvement: safe areas on iPhone X
- Add: button View Cart after adding to cart
- Improvement: clickable on blog slideshow item
- update: change name text sale in category
- fix: add to cart with the product variation
- Improvement: setting spacing on the home screen


- Improvement: scroll list, layout component
- Add: Product, Category layout list
- Fix: warning update on unmount component
- Fix: duplicate component
- Fix: show dropdown on the second item (Banner, Slideshow)
- Add: Send notification
- Add: Razorpay payment gateway (for Indian)
- Add: Paypal payment gateway
- Add: Count down component (plugin builder)
- Add: Blog list component (plugin builder)
- Add: autoplay Delay and autoplay Interval for Slideshow
- Fix: modal payment on Android
- Fix: Html charset for category and post
- Fix: round config layout category
- Improvement: require login
- Add: hook get the post feature image
- Add: +2 home page layout
- Update: Config social link, Address, Phone and Email
- Fix: Item total, shipping total when change currency
- Update: translate static link on the sidebar
- A lot of Improve UX
- Update: validate coupon
- Fix: input Stripe form
- Fix: get products empty
- Fix: default currency
- Update: config slideshow autoplay
- Update: Add custom products for module product list
- Update: Close images zoom viewer
- Update: Fix typo out of stock
- Update: Use my shipping address for shipping screen
- Update: React Native to v0.61.4 ReactJS v16.9.0 and latest other dependencies
- Add: Product category component
- Update: Privacy policy in the payment screen
- Fixed crash app when adding product variation
- Fixed crash app when change template
- Fixed plugin API  `not connecting yet => status:401`
Initial release

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